Thank you for scheduling with The HFM Zone

We would like to give you an overview of what you can expect at your initial visit with us.
The HFM Zone is a one-year wellness program focused on health, fitness, and motivation. This is where you come to assess your health and work to prevent serious chronic illnesses that are more common as we age, such as: heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Individual goals will be set and together we will work toward reaching those goals. What sets The HFM Zone apart from other medical practices is our concentration on wellness.

Unlike traditional doctor visits, which are generally very short, the initial The HFM Zone appointment will be extensive and lengthy. Your visit will last approximately two hours. It will include a consultation with Dr. Holden. During this consultation Dr. Holden will discuss your previous medical history, any current health concerns, and he will listen to goals you would like to reach within this year long program.

After seeing Dr. Holden, you will have comprehensive labs drawn, and the following tests:

Bioscan – A full body scan that gives body fat and muscle mass percentages.
Antioxidant Screen – Antioxidants protect your body against many diseases.
Metabolic Rate Test – Will show your resting metabolic rate.
EKG – This could identify possible heart problems.

**Lab tests will require you to be fasting for 10 hours. *It is ok to have water and take meds the morning of testing.* Please drink lots of water the day before so you will be well hydrated. Please wear comfy clothes to your appointment. Also, if you can, please avoid wearing any metal on clothing, and no jewelry. (This will save a little bit of time in the process.)**

After your inital visit Dr. Holden will see you back in two weeks to discuss all your test results. You will receive his recommendations and treatment plan at this time. How often you are seen after this will depend on what treatment is recommended. For instance, patients focusing on weight loss will be seen more often than patients being seen for hormone replacement therapy. At this point, you can then decide to continue with us or take his recommendation with no further commitment.

When you approach the end of your first year, you will be offered the opportunity to extend your commitment for another year. Should you decide to continue, a complete re-evaluation will be done. We will see how close you are to meeting your goals. We will perform another full body scan and antioxidant screening, along with a complete physical. These results will be side by side with those from your first visit. With a re-evaluation, we can determine how to proceed as we
continue your journey to great health.

We look forward to seeing you soon!