What is the HFM Zone?

A Wellness Program from Harrisonville Family Medicine Focused on Health, Fitness and Motivation

The HFM Zone is a wellness program focused on health, fitness and motivation. It involves nutrition, exercise and if applicable, bio-identical hormone supplementation.  What sets The HFM Zone apart from other medical practices is its concentration on wellness. This is where you come to assess your health, set individual goals and prevent serious chronic illnesses that are more common as we age, such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer. This emerging field is known as anti-aging medicine.

The HFM Zone is located inside the offices of Harrisonville Family Medicine at the Rockhaven Medical Mall, Suite 100, Harrisonville, Mo. Shaun B. Holden, a board-certified family practice physician and a long-time member of the practice who has served the community for more than 17 years, is the medical director of The HFM Zone. Dr. Holden received his bachelor of arts degree in biology and his medical degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City through the six-year B.A.M.D. medical program.

Zone Testimonials

When I started this program I was very overweight, I had high blood pressure and high blood sugar. After staying with this program, I have lost half my body weight (145 lbs), I am no longer on blood pressure medication, my blood sugar is normal and my blood work is so much better. I have more energy now than I have had in years. I am all around a much healthier and happier person. This program has literally been a life saver.

Karen R.

I am honored to have been asked to give my testimonial on this program, I have complete trust in Dr. Holden! He has helped me in so many different areas of my well being. I am happy to say I feel great, thanks to Dr. Holden and his team!

Candi S.

The HFM program has kept me focused on eating right and taking the supplements I need along with keeping up with my daily exercise. It has been a major factor in keeping me feeling good and continuing a healthy life.

Jerry C.

I appreciate very much the concern and care Dr. Holden and his staff has for my health. I have never  felt better since joining.

Morris L.