Allergy Clinic

A Smart Solution For Allergy Sufferers.

Mass­produced over-­the­-counter (OTC) and prescription allergy medications can ease your symptoms. But they often have significant side effects. The good news is custom medications are now available that have been specifically designed to resolve your allergy symptoms.

Harrisonville Family Medicine offers allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment options here in our office. These services are available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What To Expect 
Upon scheduling, our allergy specialist will verify your benefits and review your current medication list to understand all your allergy needs.

An allergy skin prick test will be performed to properly identify and diagnose any environmental allergies. This process is the oldest and most reliable form of allergy testing. Used for over 100 years, skin testing continues to be the “gold standard” for diagnosing allergic disease. Our allergy specialist will test for 48 different environmental allergens including different types of mold, animal dander including dust mites, grasses, trees, and weeds. The testing process uses 5
plastic testers (No Needles!) and only takes 15 minutes. Once the test is complete, you will receive results and have them reviewed with you, all in the same appointment. After review, your provider and allergy specialist will formulate a customized treatment plan based on your test results.

For more information on allergy testing, scheduling, or immunotherapy treatment programs just
call ​ (816)­380­-3582​  and ask to speak with the allergy clinic.

Click here for the Allergy Testing Guidelines