In Harrisonville, Missouri it is now legal to get a medical marijuana evaluation in order to apply for and obtain a medical marijuana card. As part of the Cass County area, Harrisonville Family Medicine is available to support patients looking to have this option for medical pain relief and more.

We will be accepting patients starting Monday, August 19th.

Our Medical Marijuana Evaluation Service

Our clinic offers in-house evaluations for five days of the week (Monday-Friday)

The appointment cost is $200, our evaluations last for 15 minutes on average.

At Harrisonville Family Medicine, we have trusted physicians that are to be of guidance to you throughout the entire process of obtaining a medical marijuana certification.

How to Prepare for Your Evaluation

Along with a government-issued Missouri state ID, patients should be prepared to bring proof of existing medical conditions. This proof will help our doctors determine if a medical marijuana card is suitable for a patient.

What to Expect During Your Evaluation

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a patient intake packet that provides us information about yourself for our clinic. During your evaluation, our doctors will review your documents and condition to help determine if you qualify for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card. If our physicians decide that a medical marijuana card is suitable for you, they will then discuss important information that every medical cannabis patient should be well informed of.